Tips on claiming your Car Insurance

We all know that surprises happen on the road and one of which we do not really want to happen to us is a car accident. It could have been better, if there would only be a few damages to the vehicles. But, the sad thing is that a driver as well as a passenger’s life is also at risk. Lucky are those who are safe while the unfortunate ones need help and prayers.

This is the primary reason why an insurance exists. Can you see now how an insurance can help you as a driver or as a passenger as well as with your vehicle? If you are going to avail an insurance, it is very true that you will be paying for it. But, when something unexpected happens, no matter how careful you are when it comes to driving, your insurance cover you and you may claim for your benefit. That’s how insurance works. It is for your own benefit, anyway.

Anyway, when do you think can you claim for your insurance benefits? This is something that you have to fully understand before dealing or signing an agreement with the insurance company. Most of these companies cover accidents as well as party damages and theft. But, do not expect the car insurance company to pay exactly the amount you spent for your damaged or stolen cars. You know that as time flies, the value of your car also tears down.

Filing for your claim

When you need to file claims for your insurance, you will actually undergo some steps or processes. You cannot always get it directly or in an instant. Sometimes, you really need to wait. Anyway, once you already filed for it, the insurance company will be working on it. It is either you will get your car fixed through their sister company and they may also pay all the expenses for that.

Now, when it comes to the incident, you need to be very honest. Do not ever use false documents because that would be a reason to reject your claim. You just need to present all the necessary documents they need as well as a proof of the incident. If you jazzed up anything in your car, make sure that you will keep your official receipt.

The car insurance companies have policies about when you must report an incident. Most of them requires their clients to file or report a particular incident or an accident within 48 hours or 78 hours. Failure to follow this policy will lead you to the rejection of your claims.

If you have just bought a brand new car or a second hand car, then you have to make sure that the copy of the policy is in your name to make the policy valid.

And then, if you have installed a CNG/LPG kit, you have to make sure that you are going to declare it. Failure to do so will make the insurance company reject your claims in the future.